Benefits of Injectables

benefits of injectables
Remember those fruity or Flintstone vitamins you used to take as a child? Most of us seek out fruits and vegetables because we know they are high in vitamins and essential to human health. Popping a simple multivitamin daily isn’t enough anymore. It is becoming increasingly clear that the diagnosis of both physical and mental diseases is rising as the nutrition of the general population is falling quickly.

Many vitamins, minerals, and amino supplements are not well absorbed by the body when taken orally. For some people, barriers exist in the gastrointestinal tract to allow for adequate absorption. Administering an injection allows for much higher doses of these nutrients to be infused directly into the body and start working immediately in the cells. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and certain other nutrients can have an incredibly potent drug-like effect when injected, but without the side effects often seen with prescription medications. All of the nutrients we use are natural and safe to be administered by injection. Scientific research has demonstrated that a variety of conditions can benefit from the use of injectable vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

If you’ve been taking oral supplements, you are aware of how frequently you’re supposed to take them. This is due in part to the fact that they absorb so poorly. When you choose the injectable route, your vitamins are so well absorbed that you will not have to be back to the center very often. People want to get an injection a handful of times a year rather than swallow handfuls of pills a day. 

If you’re feeling fatigued, run-down, or just need a major metabolism boost, there’s a simple and quick in-office solution. Studies reveal that over 90% of people are deficient in at least one or more nutrients, B12 and Vitamin D being the most common. Weekly vitamin shots are an effective way to increase your energy, strengthen your immune system, and promote weight loss.


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