What Is Botox Cosmetic Treatment?

Young Woman Getting Botox Treatment | High Country Infusion & Wellness Center in Frisco, CO

People have been trying hard to find a solution for aging for years. Though the Fountain of Youth proves to be just a myth, there may be something “unmythical” about cosmetic procedures in this era that proves it otherwise. Our muscles contract and lose their flexibility as we age, and our skin starts to crease […]

How Common is Depression?

Depression | High Country Infusion & Wellness Center in Frisco, CO

Everyone gets sad and has bad days. Sometimes it’s because of a rough workday, a tough exam at school, or something else. But when sadness, problems eating or sleeping, or relationship troubles interfere with daily life, you could be suffering from depression. Managing symptoms is key to healthy living. What is Depression? Depression is a widespread […]

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