What is IV Vitamin C Therapy?

Young Pretty Woman Getting IV Therapy | High Country Infusion & Wellness Center in Frisco, CO

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient found in fresh fruit and vegetables. It’s also available as a supplement, but you can also get vitamin C from your diet directly or indirectly by taking certain medications containing it as an ingredient or eating foods such as unripened fruits. You may have heard of intravenous vitamin C […]

Benefits of Injectables

Injection on Orange | High Country Infusion & Wellness Center in Frisco, CO

Many vitamins, minerals, and amino supplements are not well absorbed by the body when taken orally. For some people, barriers exist in the gastrointestinal tract to allow for adequate absorption. Administering an injection allows for much higher doses of these nutrients to be infused directly into the body and start working immediately in the cells. […]

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