Vitamin C IV Therapy

Recent studies suggest that many individuals are at an all time low with vitamin levels. This is leading to numerous medical conditions including cancers, pain syndromes, autoimmune disorders, and more.

Unfortunately, food and oral supplements usually aren’t enough to prevent these conditions or achieve optimal health.

Only about 18% of the vitamin C we consume is absorbed by our bodies. However, when it’s delivered by IV, vitamin C is 100% bioavailable. This means you can help support your immune system by allowing your body to utilize 100% of Vitamin C.

High dose vitamin C is especially useful any time you are under greater than usual amounts of stress, feeling excessive fatigue, when your immune system needs boosting to fight acute or chronic viral and bacterial infections.

Vitamin C has been shown to be very anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative. Studies indicate that therapeutic intravenous doses of vitamin C may reduce toxins in the cells and reduce signs of aging. Vitamin C may also be helpful in preventing bacterial and viral infections, autoimmune disease, acute pancreatitis, protecting against cancer, and supporting healthy blood sugar levels in diabetics.

It is very important to make sure your body can tolerate High Dose Vitamin C. A simple blood test (G6PD) is required prior to administering the IV to ensure your body is able to properly process the amount of Vitamin C in the infusion.

This therapy allows for maximal support of the following:

    • Immune system
    • Adrenal glands
    • Tendon strength and function
    • Collagen growth
    • Decrease in side effects of chemotherapy and radiation
    • Improvement of many other conditions

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Additional Add-Ons

Migraine Cocktail

Miracle worker!- Zofran (or similar), Toradol and Benadryl. If you suffer from the occasional debilitating migraine, this will surely save you an urgent care visit. Can be added to the end of most infusions. Requires at least 500ml IV Fluids.


Toradol- (ketorolac tromethamine) is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that is used to treat moderate to severe pain and inflammation. Can be given IV with hydration or as an intramuscular injection.

Pepcid (Famotidine)

Pepcid (Famotidine)- GI relief; helps relieve heartburn by reducing the amount of acid in the stomach


Zofran- (or comparable med if allergic) Anti-nausea- Can be given IV with hydration or as an intramuscular injection

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12- Increases energy, helps prevent anemia, relieves irritability and can improve concentration. Given with IV hydration or as an intramuscular injection.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C- Aids in treatment and prevention of common cold, accelerates healing after surgery, and can aid in preventing viral and bacterial infections. Can be given IV with hydration or as an intramuscular injection

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High Dose Vitamin C IV Therapy