Ketamine for OCD Treatment

As OCD becomes a persistent issue globally, tons of research efforts are going on in the background. Promising recent research points towards the use of Ketamine as a viable treatment not only against OCD but against other serious mental health issues. Read on for a closer look.

The number one reason why people seek alternative OCD treatment is that other treatment options are ineffective. It could also be that their current therapies are too slow or that their side effects are too drastic.

Ketamine infusion therapy is an excellent alternative because it works fast and brings instant relief for OCD patients. It can be administered in low doses or high doses depending on how severe the patient’s obsessions and compulsions are.


OCD is an overwhelming need to avoid something or do something. It is also a condition that involves continuous unpleasant thoughts and mental images that you can’t control. Take, for example, you may be that super tidy person that likes to live in a sparkling clean house, wears fresh clothes every day, and avoids shaking hands or touching objects like door handles or stairways when outside. The obsession comes in when you observe more caution than is necessary. If when you forget and make one mistake, say, forget to sanitize your hands once you shake someone’s hand, you panic or get sick for hours or even days in fear that something terrible will happen to you, then you may have OCD.

How do you know that you have OCD? The only sure way is to get checked and properly diagnosed. However, there are telltale signs that could point towards you having OCD. Note that OCD is characterized mainly by having obsessions or by compulsive behaviour. As such, OCD symptoms are divided into two categories. They include,


In this case, you may experience obsessive thoughts or ideas like,

  • Something is going to go wrong if you lose track of time or if you lose something
  • You’ve got a severe fear of dirt, germs or contamination
  • You experience vivid sexual thoughts, think of harming yourself, or have violent thoughts
  • You always want things to stay in precise order and placement

Compulsive Behaviou

Here, you may notice that one

  • Doesn’t like throwing anything away including stuff that they do not need at all
  • Likes spending long hours cleaning or washing even when the items or the house is not dirty
  • Excessively double checks things. Making sure the gas is turned off, the windows are shut, the locks are working or that the switches are on or off
  • Constantly calls their loved ones or family members to make sure they are safe despite there being nothing pointing towards an accident or an emergency

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