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Ketamine for Substance Abuse

Addiction is a disease that changes the way you think and feel. It’s common to start using alcohol or drugs because of the pleasurable sensations they create in the brain. But, over time, your body can start to crave more, which can lead to substance abuse disorder. You might have substance abuse disorder if you prioritize the substance at the cost of your quality of life. People with addictions often withdraw from society, struggle in work or school, and experience changes in their relationships with friends and family.

Substance Abuse FAQ

Addiction can ravage your life, but because your brain and your body depend on the substance, kicking substance abuse can be challenging. Trying to quit a substance you’re addicted to can cause intense symptoms of withdrawal and cravings, and many people can’t quit on their own.

Anyone can develop a substance use disorder, but certain factors may increase the likelihood of addiction. Genetics, mental health, and your environment all play a role. If you think you have a substance abuse disorder and you’re ready to change your life, book an appointment with High Country Infusion & Wellness today.

Possible mechanisms by which ketamine may work within addiction include: enhancement of neuroplasticity and neurogenesis, disruption of relevant functional neural networks, treating depressive symptoms, blocking the reconsolidation of drug-related memories, provoking mystical experiences, and enhancing psychological therapy effects.

In recent years, clinical studies have found that ketamine infusions show promise as a method of treating substance abuse disorder. Ketamine has been shown to effectively prolong abstinence from alcohol and heroin in detoxified alcoholics and heroin-dependent individuals.

Moreover, ketamine reduced craving for and self-administration of cocaine in non-treatment-seeking cocaine users. Ketamine therapy can reduce your cravings, which can help you stay on track and motivated. It may also enhance your experience with psychological therapy, which is another important element of substance abuse recovery because the infusions temporarily alter neural functions in the brain.

When used in a safe, controlled environment under proper supervision, ketamine can provide near-immediate relief from emotional and physical pain, while helping to look deeply into one’s self. With the support of a trained practitioner, these experiences offer an expanded perspective that can help you reframe complex problems and heal from chronic and intractable symptoms.

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