Get the Most out of Your Special Event With Our IV Therapy Group Sessions

To help you celebrate a special occasion, our IV therapy services can be customized for any type of gathering. Whether it be for private parties, weddings, pregame or post-event, direct consumption of the right nutrients can be vile to a good time or a bad hangover.

High Country Infusion & Wellness Center wants you and your loved ones to feel their best before and after the party. Call us today to schedule your groups appointment.

Start The Day Off Right

Enjoy The Night Without Having To Dread Tomorrow

Our IV hydration infusions are the perfect solution to your late-night shenanigans. Hangovers can start at any time, and they happen more than just after you drink too much! You could be feeling a little bad before or during an event – but if that’s not enough for you, now is when our IV hydration therapy comes in handy.

IV vitamins will help make sure everyone has a great night or an even better next day after a big event, party, or function. 

*All-natural ingredients either produced in the body or from food sources.
No ingredients for doping or illegal enhancing.

Glow-Inner Beauty

Get ready for the big day with our anti-aging beauty IV drip. Ideally suited to replenish hair, skin, and nails, this drip includes B-Complex, Vitamin C, Biotin, MSM, CoQ10, and B12.


This is our all-in-one IV drip. Featuring a highly-effective mixture of vitamins and nutrients, this drip will restore energy and vitality, improve concentration, and ward off cold and flu symptoms.

The After Party

Plan ahead for the post-event recovery. Great for hangovers. Featuring a complex blend of vitamins and minerals, this drip is highly effective in rehydrating after a fun night of partying.

Plan Your Event The Right Way

Schedule an IV Drip

Our IV services are perfect for any private party or get together. Hangovers will be eliminated and energy levels boosted with one of our many solutions. Give us information about your group size and preferred treatments to get the best rates!