Why Ketamine?

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Ketamine was first approved by the FDA as an anesthetic suitable for use in children, adults, and the elderly in 1970. It does not significantly slow breathing or lower blood pressure, making it a very safe medication in all areas of treatment. 

Ketamine became part of the party scene in the early 90s. That’s also when the studies began taking off in the field of psychiatry. Over the past 3 decades, thousands of research trials have been conducted with positive results. Overall, almost all studies have found significant antidepressant effects with ketamine administration. 

Ketamine is a remarkably safe medication and is one of the most studied medications available to us today. Doctors, researchers, and scientists have compiled a considerable amount of knowledge in its use for anesthesia (for over 50 years) and in pain management (for over 20 years). Even doses for full aesthetic use, which is 10x the amount for depression, have been proven abundantly safe. 

Common side effects are dry mouth, light-headedness, sleepiness, dizziness, nausea, and incoordination. Less common effects reported are euphoria, anxiety, disorientation, blurred vision and hallucinations. These symptoms usually subside within an hour. 

There have not been any reported long term side effects of memory or concentration. There also has not been reports of addiction, dependence or tolerance when taken as directed (even with prolong usage over many years). Long term usage can sometimes cause liver functions to elevate, which return to normal upon discontinuing the medication. The infusions can also cause bladder symptoms which can also short lived. 

Ketamine has been used to treat a multitude of diagnoses and disorders.  Here are some examples, (this is not an exclusive list): all types of chronic pain, depression, anxiety, PTSD, suicidal ideation, bipolar, borderline disorder, OCD, eating disorders, alcoholism and heroin addiction, and cocaine dependence. 

Ketamine WORKS. There are an abundance of published studies around the world examining the use of ketamine for various treatments. The average response rate is 70%, the short and long term side effects are known, and it’s easily accessible at clinics throughout the country. Ketamine can safely be added to most medications and it enhances psychological therapies; medications or partly effective treatments can often be reduced or stopped. 

As with all other psychiatric treatments, ketamine isn’t a cure but a highly successful adjunct. It gives hope to clients that are looking for effective treatment options. It beats the alternatives, of on going suffering or self medicating. 

If you or someone you know is suffering and think ketamine would be a benefit, reach out and give High Country Infusion & Wellness Center a call. 


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